Restaurant Pot-au-feu was created to all ow guests
to get THE Prague dining experience at the highest level. We take care of
the quality of our services in all respects. Always fresh ingredients
bought from our trusted local Czech and European
suppliers.Cooking seasonal dishes using French cooking
procedures, which are characterized by an emphasis on preserving the original strengths
and taste of food.Try our food with one of our selected
wines from Europe's top wine makers.
In our styl is interior sappear only natural
materials such as granite, wood, or leather.
Restaurant Pot-au-feu Chef's words:
"Try and taste our cuisine, and I believe
THAT YOU WILL RETURN for another gastronomic experience."





The interest of restaurant Pot-au-feu is to ensure
visitors first-class gastronomic experience. To achieve this the restaurant is not doing any compromises.
Ingredients are always fresh,always seasonal food and the chefis
present in the cooking and serving of every dish. Comfortable interior with limited capacity
(35 seats, for a group it can be expanded upto 45 seats)
to supports the overall value of the dining experience.
Pot-au-feu is looking for clients who can assess an didentify
really exceptionally good food. The style of cooking is inspired by the
French cuisine, from which the chefs take over traditional
procedures to ensure the original quality and taste of the food.